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Photographer Fred Taylor here, inviting citizens of the greater Houston area to step into my world of creative portrait photography. From striking family photos, kids photos, senior photos, professional headshots modeling portfolios, fashion photo shoots or an intimate portrait photography experience, as an experienced portrait photographer, I can offer it all. Whether you need your graduation photoshoot done outdoors, birthday photo shoot at your home or model agency photos done in a photo studio setting, my photography services can be totally tailored for your unique desires. Embark on a journey through a world where gorgeous headshots to beautiful photos manifest into cherished keepsakes with my affordable photographer services.


Portrait Photography Houston: Documenting Milestones with Family Photoshoots and Kids Portraits

At Fred Taylor Photography, your Houston portrait session isn’t just about a family photoshoot or a picture; it’s about capturing the essence of who you are in your family photos. I create stunning portraits that are as unique as your fingerprints, celebrating and documenting life’s most precious moments.

Photo Studio

Every Houston portrait session at Fred Taylor Photography unfolds like a photojournalistic masterpiece. I use the language of light and shadow to create natural-looking portraits that highlight your unique beauty. Whether capturing the candid moments of a family reunion or the expressive pose of a solo subject in an outdoor photoshoot or indoor photo studio, I strive to tell your story authentically. My camera becomes a silent observer, documenting the genuine emotions and connections that weave the tapestry of your life. These aren’t just artistic photos, they are family portraits, maternity portraits, or senior portraits that will resonate with your soul and bring joy for generations to come.


The resulting high-resolution portraits go beyond amazing photos; they become cherished keepsakes that evoke the laughter, the tears, and the beautiful tapestry of your life. It’s not just about capturing photos – it’s about capturing life’s precious moments.



Photographer Offering Modeling Agency Photos, Model Compcards & Model Lookbooks

 My photography is the product of a fusion between my artistic talent and extensive experience. As a seasoned professional photographer, I am highly attuned to the subtle harmonies of light and life. 

Every shutter release is a testament to my passion for photography and reflects my commitment to capturing the intricate narratives within each moment. 

As you navigate your photographic needs, this site serves as your gateway to a service where excellence is the norm. 

Every composition, every chosen angle, and every interplay of shadow and light speaks to a level of **photography experience** that transcends the conventional whether outdoors or in a photo studio. 

For those seeking to distill essence into image, to encapsulate memories as art, your journey aligns with a photographer whose **artistic talent** has been honed through years of **passion for photography**, delivering not just photos but the soul-stirring culmination of vision and narrative.



Urban Fashion Model

Photographer for Fashion Photography, Kids Photoshoots, Model Photoshoots


Discover an all-encompassing suite of photography services designed to capture each moment as it unfolds. As a photographer with an eye for the diverse needs of my clientele, I pride myself on offering a wide range of specialized photo opportunities. 


Whether you are an aspiring model needing photos for a high-fashion model photography portfolio, birthday, milestone, quinceanera, high school senior photos, graduation, instagram post, or a family wishing to hold onto life’s fleeting moments with family portraits and kids photos, my services are meticulously tailored to encapsulate your stories.


Step into the world of high-stakes fashion photography inspired by magazines such as Glamour magazine, where each snapshot elevates trends to art form. Come and explore the fascinating universe of kids photography, where expert photographers capture priceless moments through candid shots and genuine smiles. For the professionals, our esteemed corporate photography ensures your corporate image stands out in today’s competitive market. Each service is shaped with precision and care, ensuring that the memories captured reflect the essence and individuality of our subjects.

Capture your most treasured moments with the highest quality and professionalism. Let me take you beyond the usual photo shoots and offer you an experience that is sincere, authentic, and beautifully yours. 


As you navigate the possibilities of my Photography Services, immerse yourself in many options that cater to every need and memorable event. Whether you are coordinating a heartwarming family photoshoot that captures the joyous dynamics of your loved ones or curating a chic portfolio with the latest kids fashion trends, I will guide you in preserving these moments with style and grace.




 Headshots for Houston Professionals: Model Headshots, Realtor Headshots, Business Headshots


Fashion Photography
Fashion Portrait


Your professional image matters; let me help you solidify your presence with polished headshots that convey your expertise and character. For mothers-to-be, our serene and affectionate maternity shoots are designed to celebrate life’s journey in its most tender state. Engaged couples will find solace in my ability to document their bond through evocative engagement photos, creatively telling their commitment and love story.

Not to be overlooked, the athleticism and spirit of performers are spectacularly showcased through our dynamic professional cheerleader photos and High School Senior Photos. Each high kick and spirited pose is immortalized, epitomizing the dedication and energy of every routine. My camera lenses are attuned to a vast array of scenarios, ensuring that whether it is a high-energy celebration or an intimate bonding moment, your photographs will vividly reflect the essence of the experience.


Recognizing that special occasions and photography needs are as distinct as you are, we present a selection of customizable photography packages tailored to meet many personal styles and financial plans. From Pageant photos to competition dance photos, immerse yourself in a personalized photo experience crafted to honor the uniqueness of your individual or collective stories, ensuring memories are preserved exactly as you envision them.


With discerning attention to session details, we empower you to select and fine-tune various aspects of your photography package. Your session should mirror the essence of your personality or event. I flexibly design every package to adjust to your creative vision and desires, whether you aim to capture the raw emotion of a newborn’s early days or the sophistication of a professional portfolio.


Amidst the vast expanse of photography options, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing without compromising quality. There is a profound satisfaction in providing a service that aligns with your artistic and financial expectations. 


Delve into options that blend quality, affordability, and artistry—a trifecta of benefits to enhance and perfect your photography journey.


Embark on a visual journey as you peruse our portfolio pictures, where each image is a testament to the expertise and artistry harbored within our photography studio. The collection actively showcases diverse professional pictures, including poised model shots and authentic candid moments. 



Fashion Portrait

 Photographer Portfolio & Modeling Portfolios


Fashion Portrait



Within my portfolio, you will discover how we transform ordinary scenes into stunning compositions, capturing the unique essence of each subject. Our commitment to producing quality images is evident as you navigate through works that speak the language of light, contrast, and color with profound fluency. 


My passion is to share these visual stories, each frame inviting you to imagine the possibilities of your tailor-made photographic experience.


I extend my sincerest gratitude to you for exploring Fred Taylor Photography. Your time spent perusing our galleries and services is deeply valued. As your photographer, this message intimately conveys my appreciation for visiting, and I firmly pledge our continuous endeavor to offer you superior photography experiences that stand the test of time.


Your photographic adventure need not end here. We invite you to discover photography options that reveal the breadth and depth of our services tailored for many occasions. As you delve into my world, I encourage you to explore my photo galleries that display the experience and creativity behind the lens. 


Whether seeking to immortalize the spontaneity of a candid moment or the poised composition of a studio shot, detailed photography information is at your fingertips, ensuring transparency and clarity in what to expect from your session. I am here to take pictures and co-create memories that echo your personal story, captured exquisitely through professional artistry.


Your voyage through the visual storytelling of Fred Taylor Photography does not have to conclude with admiration alone. Here lies your solicitation to book a photo shoot—a seamless journey from mere consideration to vivid creation. 


With just a few simple steps, you can schedule a photo session that promises professional experience and personal dedication to capturing the narrative of your life’s most precious chapters.


Suppose you are looking for a photographer adept at navigating the subtle dance of light and emotions that can freeze time and encapsulate memories in a breathtaking snapshot. In that case, your search concludes on this landing page. 


A booking inquiry is the only thing that separates you from the gallery of moments you aspire to preserve.

Whether celebrating milestones, forging new beginnings, or simply wishing to hold onto everyday wonders, do not hesitate to transform intention into action. 


Seize the opportunity for a professional photo opportunity that guarantees to resonate with you and your loved ones for generations. Embark on this collaboration, and together, let us paint your story in light, shadow, and authentic expressions. Contact me today to immortalize your narrative through his lens.


Senior Photos, Graduation Photos & High School Senior Portraits 

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Spring area

Spring, The Woodlands, Klein
$ 99
$99 Weekdays
$125 Weekends
$25 Deposit Required
45 min session

Houston area

Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, Houston, Humble, Pearland, Kingwood, etc.
$ 159
$125 weekdays (7-2pm)
$159 weekdays (2-11pm)
$150 weekends (2-11pm)
$25 Deposit Required
45 min sessions


Indoor Studio Session
$ 199
$85 Deposit Required
45 min sessions


A photographer is someone who takes photographs! A photographer is a skilled professional who uses cameras to capture images of life through the art of photography.  They use cameras to capture images of people, places, and things. They use their knowledge of light, composition, and technical expertise to create photographs that can be everything from stunning portraits to captivating landscapes or thought-provoking photojournalistic pieces. Photographers can be professionals who are hired for specific projects, such as birthday photos, professional headshots, modeling or even family portraits.  

Photography thrives at the intersection of both skill and talent. While a natural eye for composition and capturing a fleeting moment is certainly a valuable asset, it’s not the sole ingredient for creating compelling photographs. The technical aspects of photography, like understanding camera settings, manipulating light, and mastering editing software, are all crucial skills that can be learned and honed through practice. It’s this blend of technical proficiency and creative vision that allows photographers to translate the world around them into captivating images.

At Fred Taylor Photography, we offer a diverse range of photography services tailored to meet your needs. Our offerings include:

  1. Portrait Photography:

    • Family Portraits: Capturing the warmth and love shared among family members in timeless images that will be cherished for generations.
    • Kids Portraits: Preserving the innocence and playful spirit of children in captivating photographs that showcase their unique personalities.
    • High School Seniors: Celebrating the milestone of high school graduation with personalized senior portraits that reflect each individual’s style and accomplishments.
    • Graduation Photos: Commemorating academic achievements with professional graduation portraits that mark the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.
    • Outdoor Portrait Photography: Utilizing natural light and scenic outdoor locations to create stunning portraits that capture the beauty of the surrounding environment and the personality of the subject.
    • Studio Portrait Photography: Employing controlled lighting and backdrops in a studio setting to produce classic and polished portraits with a focus on the subject’s expression and features.
    • Fine Art Portrait Photography: Creating visually captivating and emotionally evocative portraits that transcend traditional portraiture, serving as expressive works of art.
    • Lifestyle Portrait Photography: Documenting individuals and families in their natural environments and daily routines to capture authentic and candid moments that reflect their lifestyle and personality.
    • Candid Portrait Photography: Capturing spontaneous and unposed moments to reveal the genuine emotions, connections, and interactions between subjects in candid and heartfelt portraits.
    • Headshot Photography: Providing professional headshots for individuals in various industries, including corporate professionals, actors, performers, and entrepreneurs.
    • Children Portrait Photography: Preserving the fleeting moments of childhood with playful and endearing portraits that capture the innocence, curiosity, and joy of children.
    • Milestone Portrait Photography: Commemorating significant milestones in life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements, with personalized portraits that celebrate the individual and their accomplishments.
    • Birthday Portrait Photography: Capturing the joy and excitement of birthdays with vibrant and celebratory portraits that commemorate special milestones and moments.
    • Cake Smash Photography: Documenting the messy and delightful tradition of cake smash sessions, where babies and toddlers gleefully smash and enjoy their first birthday cake in front of the camera.
    • Quinceañera Portrait Photography: Celebrating the transition from childhood to womanhood with elegant and dignified portraits that capture the beauty and grace of the quinceañera.
    • Fifteen Celebration Photography: Documenting the cultural and symbolic traditions of the quinceañera celebration with heartfelt and memorable images that honor this significant milestone.
    • Sweet Sixteen Photography: Marking the coming-of-age celebration of a sweet sixteen with stylish and fun portraits that reflect the personality and individuality of the honoree.
    • Quinceañera Ball Photography: Capturing the grandeur and excitement of the quinceañera ball with stunning images that showcase the elaborate decorations, elegant attire, and joyful atmosphere of the event.
    • Princess for a Day Photography: Fulfilling the dreams of young girls with enchanting and magical portraits that transform them into princesses for a day, complete with beautiful gowns, tiaras, and fairytale settings.
    • Mermaid Fantasy Photography: Transporting subjects into enchanting underwater worlds with imaginative and whimsical portraits that evoke the allure and mystery of mermaids.
  2. Commercial Photography:

    • Brand Photography: Crafting visually compelling images that communicate the essence and values of brands, products, and businesses to resonate with target audiences.
    • Apparel Photography: Showcasing clothing and accessories with precision and attention to detail to highlight their design, craftsmanship, and appeal.
    • Runway Photography: Capturing the energy and excitement of fashion events and runway shows with dynamic images that reflect the latest trends and styles.
    • Couture Photography: Elevating luxury fashion brands and haute couture designs with exquisite imagery that exudes sophistication and elegance.
    • Editorial Fashion Photography: Collaborating with fashion magazines, editors, and stylists to produce captivating editorial spreads that push creative boundaries and inspire audiences.
    • Lifestyle Brand Photography: Creating aspirational and relatable imagery that aligns with the lifestyle and values of brands, resonating with their target demographic.
    • High Fashion Photography: Pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in fashion photography with bold concepts, avant-garde styling, and visionary execution.
    • Lookbook Photography: Presenting fashion collections in a cohesive and visually engaging manner through lookbooks that showcase the versatility and appeal of each piece.
    • Glamour Photography: Celebrating beauty and confidence with glamorous and alluring portraits that empower individuals to embrace their unique allure.
    • Fashion Campaign Photography: Collaborating with brands and agencies to develop compelling visual narratives that drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversion.
    • Fashion Editorial Photography: Creating evocative and storytelling imagery for fashion editorials that captivate audiences and spark conversations about style, culture, and identity.
    • Catalog Photography: Providing clear and comprehensive product imagery for catalogs and e-commerce platforms to facilitate informed purchasing decisions.
    • Designer Label Photography: Highlighting the craftsmanship, creativity, and vision of designers through imagery that captures the essence of their brand and collections.
  3. Model Photography:

    • Model Portfolio Photography: Building comprehensive portfolios for aspiring and professional models that showcase their versatility, range, and marketability to prospective clients and agencies.
    • Portrait Modeling Photography: Capturing the essence and personality of models in compelling portraits that highlight their unique features and character.
    • Fashion Model Photography: Showcasing fashion models with striking images that capture their poise, confidence, and style on and off the runway.
    • Editorial Model Photography: Collaborating with models and stylists to produce editorial spreads that convey a specific theme, narrative, or mood for publication in fashion magazines and online platforms.
    • Commercial Model Photography: Creating images that promote products, services, and brands through the use of models in advertising campaigns, marketing materials, and promotional content.
    • Runway Model Photography: Documenting the energy and excitement of fashion shows with dynamic images that capture models strutting down the catwalk in the latest designer creations.
    • Beauty Model Photography: Focusing on the aesthetic qualities of models, such as their facial features, hair, and makeup, to create stunning beauty portraits for editorial, advertising, and cosmetic brands.
    • Fitness Model Photography: Showcasing the strength, athleticism, and physique of fitness models in dynamic images that inspire and motivate audiences to lead healthy and active lifestyles.
    • Lifestyle Model Photography: Capturing models in everyday settings and activities to convey a relatable and aspirational lifestyle that resonates with target audiences.
    • Glamour Model Photography: Celebrating the allure and sensuality of glamour models with elegant and provocative images that exude confidence and allure.
    • Catalog Model Photography: Providing clear and detailed images of models showcasing products for catalog and e-commerce platforms to facilitate purchasing decisions.
    • Artistic Model Photography: Exploring creative concepts, themes, and visual aesthetics through collaborative photo shoots with models to produce unique and captivating imagery.
    • Conceptual Model Photography: Crafting images that convey abstract ideas, emotions, or narratives through the use of models as visual storytellers in conceptual photo shoots.
    • Child Model Portfolio Photography: Creating portfolios for child models that showcase their personality, versatility, and potential for modeling opportunities in the fashion and entertainment industries.
    • Kid Fashion Model Photography: Capturing the charm and charisma of young fashion models with vibrant and dynamic images that showcase their modeling talents and style.
    • Mini Fashionista Model Portfolio: Crafting portfolios for young fashion enthusiasts and influencers, showcasing their unique sense of style and personality in fashion-forward images.
    • Child Modeling Headshots: Providing professional headshots for child models to showcase their appearance, expression, and versatility for casting calls, auditions, and modeling opportunities.
    • Children’s Fashion Photography: Highlighting children’s clothing and accessories with lively and playful images that capture the joy, energy, and innocence of childhood.
    • Milestone Portrait Photography: Documenting significant milestones in a child’s life, such as birthdays, graduations, and achievements, with personalized portraits that celebrate their growth and accomplishments.
    • Child Model Portfolio Photography: Creating portfolios for child models that highlight their talent, versatility, and potential for modeling opportunities in the fashion and entertainment industries.
    • Kid Fashion Model Photography: Showcasing the style and personality of young fashion models with vibrant and expressive images that capture their unique charm and appeal.
    • Mini Fashionista Model Portfolio: Building portfolios for young fashion enthusiasts and influencers that showcase their individuality, creativity, and passion for style in fashion-forward images.
    • Child Modeling Headshots: Providing professional headshots for child models to showcase their versatility and marketability in the competitive world of modeling and entertainment.
  4. Glamour Photography:

    • Pin-Up Photography: Recreating the iconic pin-up style with playful and seductive images that evoke the timeless allure of classic pin-up art.
    • Sensual Portrait Photography: Capturing the intimate and sensual side of individuals with tasteful and artistic portraits that celebrate their beauty and sensuality.
    • Hollywood Glamour Photography: Emulating the elegance and sophistication of old Hollywood with glamorous and timeless portraits reminiscent of the golden age of cinema.
    • Artistic Glamour Photography: Exploring artistic concepts and visual aesthetics in glamour photography to create evocative and thought-provoking images that transcend conventional beauty standards.
    • Glamour Portrait Sessions: Offering personalized glamour portrait sessions tailored to the individual’s preferences and style, providing a luxurious and empowering experience.
    • Sensual Fine Art Photography: Blurring the lines between sensuality and artistry with evocative and tasteful fine art portraits that celebrate the beauty of the human form.
    • Empowering Glamour Photography: Empowering individuals to embrace their confidence and beauty with empowering glamour portraits that celebrate their unique allure and charisma.
    • Urban Glamour Portraiture: Capturing the glamour and sophistication of urban settings with stylish and edgy portraits that showcase the individual against the backdrop of the cityscape.
    • Confident Glamour Photography: Instilling confidence and self-assurance in individuals with glamorous portraits that highlight their inner strength, resilience, and beauty.
  5. Cheerleading, Dance, and Pageant Portrait Photography:

    • Cheerleader Portrait Photography: Capturing the spirit and energy of cheerleaders with dynamic and expressive portraits that showcase their athleticism and enthusiasm.
    • Dance Competition Portraiture: Documenting the grace and artistry of dancers with captivating portraits that highlight their talent and dedication in the world of competitive dance.
    • Competitive Dancer Photography: Celebrating the skill and passion of competitive dancers with striking images that capture their strength, agility, and expression on stage.
    • Performance Dance Portraits: Preserving the magic and emotion of dance performances with evocative portraits that capture the intensity and beauty of each movement.
    • Competitive Dance Team Portraits: Commemorating the camaraderie and teamwork of dance teams with group portraits that reflect their unity and dedication to excellence.
    • Pageant Queen Portraiture: Honoring the grace and elegance of pageant queens with regal and glamorous portraits that capture their beauty, poise, and confidence.
    • Beauty Pageant Photography: Documenting the glamour and excitement of beauty pageants with captivating images that showcase the charisma and presence of contestants on stage.
    • Pageant Headshots: Providing professional headshots for pageant contestants to showcase their beauty, personality, and stage presence in competition.
    • Pageant Glamour Portraits: Capturing the glamour and sophistication of pageant contestants with elegant and polished portraits that exude confidence and grace.

Whether you’re looking to capture timeless family portraits, celebrate a significant milestone, or indulge in a glamorous photo shoot, we’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional imagery and an unforgettable experience. Contact us today to schedule your personalized photography session and let us bring your vision to life.

We recommend booking your session as far in advance as possible to ensure availability and to allow ample time for planning and preparation. Popular seasons, such as spring and fall, tend to fill up quickly, so it’s best to schedule your session well in advance if you have specific dates or preferences in mind.

Typically, we advise booking your session at least 2-4 weeks in advance to secure your desired date and time. This timeframe allows us to coordinate schedules, discuss your vision for the session, and make any necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth and successful photography experience.

However, we understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable, and last-minute sessions may be needed. While we always do our best to accommodate urgent requests, we cannot guarantee availability on short notice. To avoid disappointment, we encourage you to plan ahead and schedule your session as soon as you know you’d like to work with us.

If you have any questions or need assistance with scheduling your session, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help and look forward to capturing beautiful memories with you!

Yes, we offer a variety of photography session options to suit your preferences and needs, including both indoor and outdoor settings.

Indoor Photography Sessions: Our indoor sessions take place in our professional studio, where we have full control over lighting, temperature, and other environmental factors. This setting is ideal for clients who prefer a controlled environment, whether for family portraits, headshots, or creative concept shoots. Our studio is equipped with a variety of backdrops, props, and lighting equipment to accommodate a wide range of styles and themes.

Outdoor Photography Sessions: For clients who prefer the beauty of natural light and outdoor settings, we also offer outdoor photography sessions in locations of your choice. Whether it’s a scenic park, urban cityscape, or rustic countryside, we’ll work with you to select the perfect outdoor location that complements your vision and personality. Outdoor sessions provide a more relaxed and natural atmosphere, resulting in authentic and vibrant images that capture the essence of you and your loved ones.

Home Visits: In addition to studio and outdoor sessions, we also offer the convenience of home visits for clients who prefer the comfort and familiarity of their own surroundings. Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone, welcoming a new addition to the family, or simply want to capture everyday moments in the comfort of your home, our experienced photographers will travel to you, bringing their expertise and creativity to create beautiful images that tell your unique story.

Park Photo Sessions: If you love the beauty of nature and the outdoors, our park photo sessions are the perfect choice for you. We’ll meet you at a picturesque park or natural setting of your choice, where you can relax and enjoy the scenery while we capture stunning images against the backdrop of lush greenery, scenic trails, and natural landscapes. Whether you’re looking for romantic couple portraits, playful family photos, or solo portraits in nature, our park photo sessions offer a perfect blend of serenity and beauty.

Combined Indoor and Outdoor Sessions: Additionally, we understand that some clients may wish to incorporate both indoor and outdoor elements into their photoshoot. Whether you’d like a mix of studio portraits and outdoor candid shots or a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor settings, we’re happy to accommodate your preferences and create a customized session tailored to your needs.

Ultimately, the choice between indoor and outdoor photography, as well as home visits and park photo sessions, depends on your personal style, the desired aesthetic of your images, and the overall mood you wish to convey. We’re here to guide you through the process, from selecting the perfect location to capturing stunning images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options further, please feel free to contact us. We’re committed to providing you with an exceptional photography experience, regardless of the setting!

Yes, we offer photo studio sessions in our professional studio space. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and equipment to ensure high-quality results for a variety of photography needs. Whether you’re looking for classic portraits, headshots, product photography, or creative concept shoots, our studio provides a versatile and controlled environment to bring your vision to life. Our experienced photographers are here to guide you through the process and capture stunning images that exceed your expectations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more or schedule your studio session.

We accept various forms of payment to make the booking process convenient for our clients. Our accepted payment methods include:

  • Credit Cards: We accept major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  • Debit Cards: You can also pay for our services using debit cards affiliated with major card networks.
  • Cash: For clients who prefer to pay in cash, we accept cash payments at the time of the photography session or as otherwise arranged.
  • Zelle Payments: We also accept payments via Zelle, providing a convenient and secure way to transfer funds directly from your bank account. Please contact us for our Zelle account information if you prefer to use this payment method.
  • Cash App Payments: Additionally, we accept payments through Cash App, offering another convenient option for transferring funds securely. Please reach out to us for our Cash App details if you would like to use this payment method.

Whichever payment method you choose, rest assured that we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your financial information. If you have any questions about our accepted payment methods or need assistance with payment processing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help make the payment process as smooth and convenient as possible for you.

Limited Option: Please note that model collaborations are a very limited option at Fred Taylor Photography and are typically scheduled once every 3 to 6 months. These collaborations are specifically geared towards modeling, fashion, and glamour photography projects.

If you’re a model interested in collaborating with us, or if you are a parent interested in having your child pose as a fashion model during a collaboration, here’s how you can get started:

  • Reach Out: We welcome models of all experience levels to pick up a phone and reach out to us. If you’re a parent interested in having your child participate, please feel free to contact us on their behalf. Introduce yourself, share your portfolio or any relevant work samples, and let us know your availability and interests for collaboration.
  • Discuss Ideas: Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss potential collaboration ideas, concepts, and goals. Whether you’re a model looking to update your portfolio with new looks or a parent interested in showcasing your child’s potential as a fashion model, we’re here to bring your vision to life.
  • Collaborative Planning: During the planning phase, we’ll work closely with you to brainstorm ideas, select suitable locations or studio setups, and coordinate wardrobe, props, and any other necessary arrangements. Our collaborative approach ensures that everyone involved is aligned on the vision and expectations for the shoot.
  • Collaborative Shoot: On the day of the shoot, we’ll come together to bring our creative ideas to fruition. Our experienced photographers will guide you through the process, providing direction and feedback to capture stunning images that showcase your unique style and personality.
  • Portfolio Enhancement: After the shoot, we’ll provide you with a selection of professionally edited images to enhance your portfolio. These images can be used for self-promotion, social media, agency submissions, or any other professional purposes to help you further your modeling career or showcase your child’s talent.

We believe in fostering positive and collaborative relationships with models and their families, and we’re dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering environment where everyone can thrive creatively. Whether you’re an experienced model, a parent interested in showcasing your child’s potential, or just starting out, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and create beautiful imagery together.

If you’re interested in exploring a model collaboration or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re excited to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to create something truly memorable.

Booking a session with us is easy and convenient. To schedule your session, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us via email, phone, or through the contact form on our website to inquire about session availability and discuss your photography needs.

  2. Consultation: We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements for the session. This consultation allows us to tailor the session to your needs and ensure that we capture the images you envision.

  3. Session Reservation: Once we’ve confirmed the details of your session, we’ll require a deposit to secure your reservation. A $25 deposit is required for outdoor sessions, home visits, or venue locations, while an $85 deposit is required for studio reservations.

Importance of Deposits: Deposits are necessary to secure your session reservation and are an important part of our booking process for several reasons:

  • Reservation Guarantee: Your deposit ensures that your session date and time are reserved exclusively for you. This helps us manage our schedule effectively and prevents double bookings, ensuring that you receive our undivided attention during your session.

  • Commitment: By submitting a deposit, you demonstrate your commitment to the booking, which allows us to allocate resources and prepare for your session accordingly. This commitment helps us ensure a smooth and successful photography experience for both parties.

  • Investment: Deposits represent a mutual investment in the success of the session. They help cover administrative costs, equipment preparation, and other logistical expenses associated with planning and executing your session.

  • Cancellation Policy: Deposits also serve as a form of security in the event of cancellations or rescheduling. They help compensate for any lost time or potential bookings that may result from last-minute changes, ensuring that our business operations remain sustainable.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of seeing examples of our previous work to ensure that our photography style aligns with your vision. You can view a selection of our portfolio on our website’s “Portfolio” or “Gallery” page, where we showcase a diverse range of images from various photography sessions. Our portfolio includes samples of family portraits, headshots, lifestyle photography, special events, and more, providing you with a comprehensive overview of our capabilities and the quality of our work.

In addition to our online portfolio, we’re always happy to share more examples or discuss specific projects during a consultation. If you have any questions or would like to see additional samples, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re committed to providing you with the information and resources you need to make informed decisions about your photography needs.

Our photography packages are designed to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. While the exact contents may vary depending on the package you choose, our standard photography packages typically include:

  1. Pre-Shoot Consultation: We believe in the importance of understanding your vision and expectations for the photography session. Our packages include a pre-shoot consultation where we discuss your ideas, preferences, and any specific requirements you may have.

  2. Professional Photography Session: Each package includes a professional photography session conducted by our experienced photographers. Whether it’s a family portrait, corporate headshot, or special event coverage, we strive to capture authentic moments and create stunning imagery that exceeds your expectations.

  3. Customized Shooting Locations: Depending on the package selected, we offer flexibility in choosing shooting locations. Whether you prefer the convenience of our professional studio, the beauty of outdoor settings, or the comfort of your own home, we’ll work with you to select the perfect location that complements your vision.

  4. High-Quality Editing and Retouching: Post-processing is an essential part of our photography workflow. We carefully edit and retouch each image to ensure consistency, clarity, and aesthetic appeal. From color correction to minor touch-ups, we strive to deliver polished and professional results that showcase your best features.

  5. Digital Image Delivery: All our packages include digital image delivery, allowing you to easily access and share your photographs. Depending on the package, you’ll receive a set number of high-resolution images in digital format, delivered via secure online gallery or digital download.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive photography package that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. If you have any questions or would like to discuss specific package options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you create lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

The duration of a typical photography session can vary depending on several factors, including the type of session, the number of subjects involved, and any specific requirements or preferences you may have. As a general guideline:

  • Portrait Sessions: Portrait sessions typically last 45 minutes. This allows sufficient time for setup, capturing a variety of poses and expressions, and ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Regardless of the type of session, our priority is to ensure that you receive high-quality images that meet your expectations. We’ll work closely with you to plan the timing and logistics of your session to maximize efficiency and minimize any inconvenience. If you have specific timing constraints or preferences, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the timing of your session in more detail, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you create beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Yes, we provide retouching and editing services to enhance the quality and appearance of your photos. Our team of skilled retouchers is committed to ensuring that your images look their best, with attention to detail and a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the subjects.

Our retouching services may include:

  • Color Correction: Adjusting color balance, saturation, and tone to achieve optimal color accuracy and vibrancy.
  • Exposure Correction: Balancing exposure levels to ensure proper brightness and contrast throughout the image.
  • Skin Retouching: Basic skin retouching can be done such as reducing blemishes, and softening fine lines or wrinkles while maintaining a natural look.

We understand that every photo is unique, and our retouching approach is always tailored to suit the individual characteristics and goals of each image. Our goal is to deliver high-quality results that exceed your expectations while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the original photo.

If you have specific retouching requests or preferences, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to accommodate them. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re committed to providing you with beautifully retouched images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our retouching services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you achieve the perfect look for your photos.

we understand that weather can be unpredictable, and we’re committed to ensuring a positive and successful photography experience for our clients, rain or shine. If the weather forecast indicates inclement conditions on the day of your outdoor session, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Communication: We’ll closely monitor the weather forecast leading up to your scheduled session. If there’s a possibility of bad weather, we’ll proactively reach out to you to discuss potential alternatives and make a plan together.

  2. Flexibility: Depending on the severity of the weather and your preferences, we may have the option to reschedule your outdoor session to a more suitable date or time. We’ll work with you to find a convenient alternative that works for both parties.

  3. Adaptability: In some cases, bad weather may not necessarily warrant a rescheduling. We have experience working in various weather conditions and can often adapt our approach to still capture beautiful images despite less-than-ideal circumstances. For example, overcast skies can provide soft, flattering lighting for portraits, while light rain can create unique and artistic effects.

  4. Backup Plans: If rescheduling is not feasible or if you prefer to proceed with the session as planned, we’ll come prepared with backup plans to mitigate the impact of bad weather. This may include selecting alternative shooting locations with sheltered areas or bringing along protective gear such as umbrellas or waterproof covers for equipment.

  5. Client Comfort: Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. If the weather conditions pose any risks or discomfort during the session, we’ll prioritize your well-being and may suggest adjustments or breaks as needed.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a positive and enjoyable photography experience, regardless of the weather conditions. We’re here to work together with you to find the best solution and ensure that you receive beautiful images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you have any concerns or questions about weather-related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and are committed to your satisfaction.

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